Thermophysical Properties

Measuring thermophysical properties with gravimetric instruments

Exact knowledge of thermodynamic properties or thermophysical properties are a key requirement for instance for improving the efficiency of energy conversion and storage processes. Optimizing industrial production processes and consumer products with knowledge about thermophysical properties. Certifying new chemicals and pharmaceutical substances or calibration of measuring instruments with thermophysical properties. Knowledge of sufficiently accurate property data of substances and process media is the fundament of modern industrialized economy. Measure thermophysical properties with FluiPROP instruments.

FluiPROP instruments allow the measurement of thermophysical properties by thermogravimetry under extreme conditions. Gravimetric measurements are by principle more accurate and reliable than other methods. In addition to that Rubotherm Magnetic Suspension Balances offer the possibility of calibration during the measurement. This way, a baseline drift is compensated and even long term measurements are possible with highest precision.

The FluiPROP Series of instruments for thermophysical properties is divided into three instruments and aims at carrying out reference data quality measurements of several thermophysical properties, which are described below:

FluiDENS - Density Measurement

Performs density measurements of fluids (gas & liquid phase) in a wide pressure and temperature range. The density is one of the key thermophysical properties for formulating of thermal equations of state.

More information about Density Measurement with FluiDENS Instruments

FluiPV - Highly Accurate Vapor Pressure Measurement

Measures vapor pressure of solid and liquid substances. According to OECD guideline 104, this measuring device uses the effusion method with Knudsen cell. The vapor pressure is one of the thermophysical properties which must be reported for every new substance which is brought into the market.

More information about Vapor Pressure Measurement with FluiPV Instruments

FluiDIFF - Diffusivity or Permeability Measurement

Measures the diffusivity or permeability through membranes and allows the calibration of permeation tubes. Transport properties are most difficult to measure amongst the thermophysical properties. The FluiDIFF realizes best measuring accuracy by applying the magnetic suspension balance and its possibility of eliminating the base line drift during long term experiments.

More information about Diffusivity or Permeability Measurement with FluiDIFF

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Details about the instruments are provided on the subsequent pages. The FluiPROP Series of instruments is customizable to a wide extend.

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