DynTHERM Studies

DynTHERM instruments are ideally suited to study the following processes and/or materials:

Coal Gasification Study

Measurement of temperature dependence of anthracite gasification in N2 with 2% O2 at ambient pressure and elevated pressure of 33 bar. At the higher gas pressure the gasification of the coal can be performed
at lower temperatures.

Anthracite Gasification At Different Pressures And Temerature Dependence

Long Term Corrosion Studies

Due to its patented principle and the possibility to tare the balance during measurement long term corrosion studies can be carried out. The diagram shows a mass change of 140 µg over 6 days. This mass increase is caused by oxidation of a diamond coated titanium sample in pure O2 at 600 °C.

Measuring Coke Deposition on Catalyst & Metal Dusting

A new, extremely corrosion resistant version of the hot-wall and cold-wall reactors are introduced to the DynTHERM® series of thermogravimetric instruments. The new reactor design guarantees that only corrosion resistant materials (e.g. ceramics, quartz, choice of metals) are in contact with the corrosive atmosphere in the hot zone.

Crude Oil Pyrolysis Study

Measurement of temperature dependence of crude oil distillation and pyrolysis in air at ambient pressure and 10 bar. At the higher pressure the distillation of the volatile components in the oil starts at slightly higher temperatures while the pyrolysis and oxidation step starts at lower temperatures than at ambient pressure.

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