Thermogravimetric Analyzer - DynTHERM

Thermogravimetric Analysis under process relevant conditions

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a well established method in materials science, physics and chemistry. The continuous weight measurement of a sample while exposing it to a temperature program under controlled atmospheric conditions provides important information about chemical reactions and structural changes of the sample material. Such processes are possible with our thermogravimetric analyzers - including the unique technology of Rubotherm's Magnetic Suspension Balance.

As with all other Rubotherm gravimetric instruments our thermogravimetric analyzers are also equipped with the Magnetic Suspension Balance. As a result of that, Rubotherm’s DynTHERM line of TGA instruments can measure under conditions where all other instruments fail: Thermogravimetric Analysis using corrosive or toxic atmospheres and from vacuum to high pressure.

Additionally, the Magnetic Suspension Balance allows recording and correcting the baseline drift and recalibrating the balance during long term measurements – thus, providing the extraordinary long term accuracy and stability typical of our Thermogravimetric Analyzers.

DynTHERM - Thermogravimetric Analyzer by Rubotherm
DynTHERM Thermogravimetric Analyzer Front view

Flexibility of DynTHERM Thermogravimetric Analyzer

The DynTHERM line of thermogravimetric analyzers is divided in low, medium and high pressure analyzers. Furthermore, the modular setup makes it possible to upgrade or re-arrange the setup for other measuring purposes. Depending on the resolution the sample is placed in a sample crucible on top of a toploading balance (0.01 µg … 0.1 µg) or suspended by means of a hang down wire (1 µg … 10 µg)

DynTHERM TGA instruments can be equipped with different versions of the Magnetic Suspension Balance with the following specifications

Technical Data

Magnetic Suspension
Balance Type
Resolution Dynamic Weighing Range
(Sample Mass)
A 10 0.01 µg 200 mg
A 100 0.1 µg 500 mg
E 1 1 µg 10 g
E 10 10 µg 25 g

Application Examples for DynTHERM Thermogravimetric Analyzer

  • Coal and Biomass Gasification
    by TGA measurements at high temperatures and high pressures with different gases and vapors
  • Catalyst Testing
    by temperature programmed processes (TPx), sulphidation and coking
  • High Temperature Corrosion Testing
    by contactless weighing in corrosive atmospheres and drift-free
  • Pyrolysis Processes
    at different temperatures and pressures
  • Decomposition and Degrading Reactions
    of toxic substances and waste material
  • CVD Coating Processes
    even with aggressive chemicals
  • O2 and H2 Getter Material Testing
    for chemical looping application

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Details about the instruments are provided on the subsequent pages. The DynTHERM Series of thermogravimetric analyzers is customizable to a wide extend.

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