Analytical Measuring Instruments

The core competence of Rubotherm is the gravimetric analysis under extreme process relevant atmospheres.

So our instruments for sorption and thermogravimetric analysis are corrosion resistant and can be applied under conditions from vacuum to high pressures and from cryogenic to high temperatures.

The analysis with our products provides accurate data for scientists working in chemistry, engineering, materials science, physics, geology and other high end experimental research disciplines.

Please review our application pages or directly one of our product lines of analytical instruments for further information.

Product Lines

Rubotherm products are grouped in the following standardized – yet flexible customizable – product lines:

New Products

Workshop Catalysis September 22nd

This year’s workshop organized by Rubotherm in cooperation with Technische Chemie of Ruhr-University Bochum and Rubokat GmbH was a great success. 6 competent speakers shared their knowledge about catalysis in theory and practice with the more than 30 participants.

We would be happy to receive your suggestions for topics to be covered by one of the next workshops.



After the winter break these are the upcoming events with Rubotherm participation in 2016:

MAR/02 - MAR/04/2016
Gießen | Germany
MAR/16 - MAR/18/2016
Weimar | Germany
MAR/20 - MAR/23/2016
Dubai | VAE
MAY/10 - MAY/13/2016
Munich | Germany