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Understanding Coke Formation Processes on Methane Reforming Catalyst

Dry Reforming of methane (DRM: CH4 + CO2 -> 2 CO + 2 H2) is an attractive catalytic process for the industrial syngas (CO/H2) production. The coke formation decreases the catalyst lifetime and can lead to damage of reformer reactors. The selectivity of a catalyst towards coke formation during DRM can be studied by gravimetric measurements under reaction conditions using a Rubotherm DynTHERM magnetic suspension thermobalance.

A Ni/MgAlOx catalyst with traces of Co was synthesized according to the well-established route from a hydrotalcite-like precursor obtained by co-precipitation and was subjected to DRM conditions and the effects of varying temperatures and flows have been explored (refer to figure below).tl_files/rubotherm/bilder/en-dyntherm-series/Appl. Note 1/Abb. 4.jpg

The results show that two different temperature regimes exist for this catalyst. At high temperature, the catalyst possesses good stability and does not undergo severe sintering and coking, while at lower temperatures coking becomes favorable and the catalyst continuously produces carbon.

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