Analytical Measuring Instruments

The core competence of Rubotherm is the gravimetric analysis under extreme process relevant atmospheres.

So our instruments for sorption and thermogravimetric analysis are corrosion resistant and can be applied under conditions from vacuum to high pressures and from cryogenic to high temperatures.

The analysis with our products provides accurate data for scientists working in chemistry, engineering, materials science, physics, geology and other high end experimental research disciplines.

Please review our application pages or directly one of our product lines of analytical instruments for further information.

Product Lines

Rubotherm products are grouped in the following standardized – yet flexible customizable – product lines:

New Product / Application

Preparation of SI Traceable Calibration Gases by Gravimetric Measurement of a Permeation Process

The storage of calibration gases in metal tanks can be problematic when low concentrations of reactive components are of interest. In this case, the dynamic preparation of a calibration gas by permeation is a good alternative. The use of a Rubotherm Magnetic Suspension Balance allows the continuous gravimetric measurement of the permeation rate of compounds such as NO2 or NH3 into the carrier gas. This way, the resulting calibration gas can be characterized and traced back to national standards. Fig. 3. Mass loss of a NO2 permeation unit during a measurement time of three days at 30°C. After equilibration, the resulting permeation rate was 210.33 + 0.18 ng/min.

For more information have a look at our latest Application Note of FluiPROP.


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