Analytical Measuring Instruments

The core competence of Rubotherm is the gravimetric analysis under extreme process relevant atmospheres.

So our instruments for sorption and thermogravimetric analysis are corrosion resistant and can be applied under conditions from vacuum to high pressures and from cryogenic to high temperatures.

The analysis with our products provides accurate data for scientists working in chemistry, engineering, materials science, physics, geology and other high end experimental research disciplines.

Please review our application pages or directly one of our product lines of analytical instruments for further information.

Product Lines

Rubotherm products are grouped in the following standardized – yet flexible customizable – product lines:

New Products

nano -  the new smart high pressure TGA made by Rubotherm

The internationally patented Nano Magnetic Suspension Balance technology developed by the ETH Zürich is the fundamental innovative principle of the new Rubotherm TGA, the DynTHERMnano. This high pressure TGA has the big advantage of contact free weighing through walls.

DynTHERMnano is available with a weighing range/resolution combination of 1000mg/0.1µg or 100mg/0.01µg.  Heating and cooling rates of 300 K/min up to a temperature of 1100 °C from UHV to 8 MPa in dynamic and static atmospheres can be performed at utmost precision. DynTHERMnano combines an extremely small high pressure cell containing the sample and measuring fluid, an operational capability with corrosive or toxic gases and gas mixtures with a very high robustness and reliability.

The outstanding accuracy in mass, temperature and pressure recording in combination with an extremely small measuring cell leads to excellent experimental results with lowest consumption of sample, measuring gases and time for nano material scientists.

DynThermnano -  the new smart high pressure TGA made by Rubotherm
DynThermnano -  the new smart high pressure TGA made by Rubotherm


MAY/8 - MAY/11/2016
Essen | Germany
MAY/10 - MAY/13/2016
Munich | Germany
MAY/29 - June/03/2016
FOA Fundamentals of Adsorption
Friedrichshafen | Germany
JUNE/12 - JUNE/16/2016
IFC International Freiberg Conference
Cologne | Germany