Product Lines - Applications

Rubotherm products are grouped in the following six standardized – yet flexible customizable - product lines:


Gravimetric instruments with magnetic suspension balance for sorption measurements at high pressures (up to 700 bar) and low to moderate temperatures (-196°C…400°C).

IsoSORP instruments are widely applied for isothermal measuring equilibrium and kinetics of ad- or absorption processes.

Research applications covered are shale gas, adsorption isotherms and kinetics, gas storage processes, diffusivity and permeability measurements, gas solubility in polymers and liquids, selective sorption processes, supercritical fluids, separations, sequestration.

Selected Application Notes are "Gas storage capacity of MOF Materials" and "Adsorption of toxic trace components from the gas phase"


Gravimetric instruments with magnetic suspension balance for thermogravimetric measurements at high temperature (up to 1600°C) and high pressures (up to 350 bar).

DynTHERM instruments are applied for challenging thermogravimetric measurements involving corrosive, toxic or explosive measuring atmospheres, vapors and high pressures.

Typical research applications are coal & biomass gasification, pyrolysis, catalyst testing & coke deposition studies, high temperature corrosion, metal dusting, CVD processes, chemical looping, enhanced oil recovery.

Find latest application examples by using DynTHERM instruments.


Gas & vapor dosing, mixing and pressure control devices for feeding external reactors or instruments with measuring atmospheres at exactly defined composition and pressure.

The FlexiDOSE is the perfect completion for the IsoSORP and DynTHERM instruments. The automatically operated FlexiDOSE devices can generate gas and/or vapor mixtures with controlled composition and regulate the pressure of the atmosphere extremely stable and accurate.

Besides the combination with the balance instruments the FlexiDOSE devices are the ideal tool for researchers searching for an automatic device to operate reactor systems or laboratory processes.

The FlexiDOSE instruments are fully automatic operated by PC control. Its standard gas connections allow easy combination and integration with existing autoclaves or reactors.


Gravimetric instruments for measuring thermodynamic properties in a wide pressure and temperature range and exact knowledge of thermodynamic or thermophysical properties are a key requirement for instance for improving the efficiency of energy conversion and storage processes.

FluiPROP instruments are applied for gas permeability measurements – calibration of so-called permeation tubes – vapor pressure measurement with Knudsen-cell and fluid density measurements of liquids and gases.


Non-Gravimetric multisampling instruments for gas adsorption measurements.

In order to reduce the time required to characterize materials, Rubotherm has developed the quick test instrument InfraSORP for ultra-fast adsorption capacity evaluation in quality control and material science.

NG-Series instruments are applied for characterization of porous materials (BET surface area, pore size distribution) and catalysts (TPD, metal dispersion) in quality control and research as well as multisampling gas adsorption measurements in medium pressure ranges up to 50 bar in chemical engineering and material science.


Autoclaves for high pressure and high temperature applications.

MaxiCLAVE autoclaves are covering an extremely wide range of temperature and pressure conditions.

Applications of the MaxiCLAVE reactors are wide; amongst others for instance multi-reactor setups for PSA and TSA processes or installations for gas solubility measurements have been realized.

The reactors can be designed in a corrosion resistant version allowing for long term corrosion studies and catalyst coke deposition measurements.