Rubotherm offers contract research and test measurements for potential customers in its laboratory. A variety of analysis methods and measurements can be performed, using a broad range of Rubotherm instruments. Amongst others, the following measurements can be performed:

Adsorbent characterization

  • BET surface area analysis (N2, Ar, Kr)
  • Pore size distribution & volume measurement (from N2 isotherms)
  • Density / specific volume (He pycnometry / buoyancy)

Catalyst characterization

  • TPD, TPR, TPO measurements in combination with MS
  • Metal dispersion analysis
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • Coke deposition studies

Ad- & Desorption measurements

  • Gas adsorption from vacuum to high pressures
  • Vapor adsorption in the sub-atmospheric or high pressure range
  • Gas mixture selectivity measurements

Absorption & solubility

  • Gas absorption in polymers
  • Solubility in liquids (Ionic Liquods, Amine Solutions, …)


  • TGA with corrosive gases and/or vapor atmospheres
  • High pressure TGA (catalyst cokeing, coal or biomass gasification)

Drying / wetting

  • Vacuum drying processes
  • Superheated steam drying
  • Wetting processes in pure vapor or humid gas atmospheres

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