About Us

Rubotherm develops, produces and sells analytical measuring instruments and laboratory testing facilities for various gravimetric experiments e.g. sorption measurements or thermogravimetric measurements. Rubotherm’s measuring instruments are applied in industrial and academic research as well as in national standard laboratories. Our highly accurate magnetic suspension balances are used internationally by scientists working in several experimental research disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, materials science, physics, geology and others.

Rubotherm was founded in 1990 as a spin-off from the Ruhr-University of Bochum. Since then we are closely co-operating with this University, but also with other researchers all over the world. Many nowadays standardized instruments as well as the magnetic suspension balance were developed for a new research topic initiated by a scientist, as a result of such co-operations.

Rubotherm offers six standardized product lines for high end research. Three of these product lines apply the magnetic suspension balance as analytical instrument. All our instruments are modularly designed, allowing a wide degree of customization and flexibility for future upgrade or modification.

Besides this standard product range Rubotherm offers especially engineered instruments and laboratory testing facilities, some of them using also the technology of our magnetic suspension balances. For instance multi-bed PSA and TSA adsorption pilot plant for breakthrough curve measurement of complex mixtures, cycling instruments for testing the durability of adsorbent materials, and fixed bed reactors for testing of catalysts under process conditions have been realized, to name a few.

Our expertise lays mainly in chemical engineering and chemistry combined with a broad and detailed experience in design, engineering and automation of high end analytical equipment. We are looking forward to receive your inquires about new and fascinating ideas and applications for highly accurate measuring intrsuments in your research field.

Rubotherm - The Magnetic Suspension Balance Company

In the 1980's the company founders from the Ruhr-University Bochum developed a new method whereby samples could be weighed in closed vessels without any contact. The modern magnetic suspension balance was born at that time. The principle is as follows: a sample is weighed from the outside by means of a new kind of magnetic suspension balance (which is patented) and the suspension force is contactlessly transmitted from the pressurized measuring cell to a microbalance at ambient atmosphere.

This means that mass changes of a sample can be recorded even under extreme conditions, e.g. measurements under high pressure or gravimetric measurements with corrosive gases, with the highest accuracy. Since these days magnetic suspension balances have been applied to fundamental research work with enormous success. Our weighing technology has since then been enjoying an even wider circle of application throughout the world in both research and industry.

A completely new type of magnetic suspension balance is developed in co-operation with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology (ETH Zürich). Researchers there had invented a new suspension balance principle which allows weighing of relatively small samples with extraordinary high resolution.

This new, patented magnetic suspension balance technology is currently further developed into commercial instruments by Rubotherm.